Construction of Eko Jurta

During the whole process of making the yurt, we’re trying very hard to achieve 100% use of ecological materials. At the same time we deliver safety and years long durability of our constructions.

1 - Roof skylight

Acrylic, tri-ply and electrically tillable from the inside of the yurt. Very convenient to use. Size depends on a size of the yurt. It can be opened manually or by a reliable modern actuator.

2,a - External cover

Dickson Sunbrella brand fabric tested in marine industry. Breathable, with extra layers protecting from water, molds, funghi. Highly durable at UV beams – color protection, waterproof – 1000 mm head of water.

The material has an ecological certificate OEKO-TEX. Those fabrics are characterized by being easy to clean and upkeep which make them long lasting. There are 31 colors of choice. Sunbrella fabrics have great durability, about 12 to 14 years which means that you don’t have to worry about replacing them so often.

A production of the fabric is powered by natural power sources. They also have a Skin Cancer Foundation recommendation for successful protection against UV. From 2010 Sunbrella fabrics joined recycling program and now we’re together taking care of the environment.

For sewing our yurts we use only highest class waterproof threads.

3, 4, 6 - Construction

To produce our yurt, we use only highest quality construction wood used in skeletal constructions. Fir or spruce wood construction, coated with ecological linseed oil or natural wax-oils that protects it from the sun, water and mold, giving it a natural colour. Our yurt construction is very durable and meets the newest standards of snow and water load withstand.

5 - Stainless-steel aircraft cable

6mm diameter, used in aviation industry, highest possible durability parameters.

7 - Doors and windows

Made from pressure impregnated, glued pine wood. Thermal permeability U 1.0. 24 mm thick glass. The doors and windows are made specially for our yurts, giving them great thermal comfort and permeability. The doors can be fully or partially glass with or without decorative muntins. The doors also come with aluminum doorstep.

The windows are made in 3 different sizes, 50, 90 and 160 cm (a novelty from 2019). Tilt & turn windows can be divided. There is an option with decorative muntins. All doors and windows comes in a variety of colors.

e - Internal cover

1. 100% cotton – natural ecru color of the lining.

2. Linen – polyester Premium fabric. New standard from 2020. Stain resistant fabric with natural color.

b, c, d - Insulation

wood wool + additional special, breathing membranes

To insulate our yurts, we’ve developed system based based on wood wool. The must have was in that case to make yurt breathable, and prevent a phenomenon of condensation. Our yurt, even left unused, doesn’t trap a humidity inside so it won’t produce mold, fungus or bad smell. This is a natural and ecological insulation made from trees’ fibers, providing a great comfort. It belongs to the same group of insulators as sheep or hemp wool. Has hygroscopic values, which means it can absorb 20-30% of water and give it back without loosing the power of insulation or damaging it. This is the reason why it is a better insulator than standard mineral wool. We use wool with high density so it won’t settle over time and won’t compress like glass or rock wool do. Another advantage of using this material is it’s about 2.5 times more heat accumulative power compares to other mineral wool insulations. It lets less heat inside during summer and keeps heat inside the yurt during winter. Also rodents don’t like it because it has acidic solution.

Membranes – for insulation we use highly specialized membranes with a great vapor transmission rate (breathable) which are used in skeletal constructions. One of our membrane has an ability to reflect 90% of UV rays keeping at he same time its breathing power.

The walls and a roof are insulated with a 50mm wool and an additional membranes. Thanks to that we were able to develop one of the the most advanced insulation system in the world. So designed insulation gives you thermal comfort both during summer and winter.

Main features of the wood wool:

⁃ natural
⁃ odorless
⁃ around 2.5 times more heat accumulative power compared to a standard mineral wool
⁃ high density – won’t settle over time
⁃ high thermal insulation
⁃ hygroscopic
⁃ a no go for rodents – acidic solution

There is an option to install wood wool of different thickness and parameter – adapted to personal needs.


We are willing to help you choose the most suitable yurt heating system. We cooperate with manufacturers who can offer both traditional and modern solutions. In our offer you can find wood stoves or more automatic ones running on pellet. We also have infrared or accumulative heaters. You can find our heating solutions at on the heating and power supply tab.


A layered construction platform, set on screw-in foundations, minimum 14 cm wood wool insulation, finished with spruce board.