Configure your own yurt

What is an estimated price of Eko Jurty? Just choose the parameters and see the pricing.

Our designs are based on the best western technologies and ideas. Those are very durable and light constructions. Thanks to the versatility of configurations and a great deal of finishing options, our yurts can be easily adapted to your needs and budget.

One thing for sure – no matter what yurt you choose – it will be human and nature friendly with outstanding quality.

The current prices include a stain resistant premium lining and a new yurt standard – higher by 10cm construction – 225 cm full height. Thanks to it the yurt itself, the doors and windows are higher.

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Approximate yurt costs:
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Eko Jurty - what's included in the price

1. Wooden construction (5 x 10 standard rafter, fence 2 x 3 cm) – dried, polished and impregnated with eco 0% VOC oils fir wood.
2. Pine doors, thermal insulated, 24mm glass, aluminum or oak doorstep, 107cm width frame, glass with or without muntins.
3. Triple layer ring with a very durable, invisible rafting montage system
4. Triple layer openable skylight window – an acrylic dome with an opening mechanism inside the yurt (more layers, better thermal insulation- new standard from 2021), systemic, durable joints and mountings – enabling easy assemble and disassemble of the construction 
5. Coating – Dickson Sunbrella cloth with an easy assembly and disassembly system, waterproof (<1000mm water level), highly UV reflecting, mold and fungus resistant, breathable, limited manufacturer guarantee of 5 years, easy to clean, available in 32 different colors, highest quality available!
6. Additional enhancement available depending on climate conditions, the yurts meet the standards of a construction for particular wind and snow areas

Our customers can choose different finishing options and additional elements such as Siberian stoves, eco toilets, or additional yurt roofing. Additional option can be found at our website –


Yurt platform

The necessary element for maintaining structural integrity is the platform.
Our clients can choose from 3 different options of platform making:

1. DIY. Our clients get a precise instructions on how to construct the yurt platform with recommended materials.

2. Purchase of premium materials only – with 10 or 14 cm wood wool insulation, screw in foundations, certified 28mm spruce board, or basic standard, with use of a cheaper materials such as mineral wool, foundation blocks or concrete stands.

3. Build and assembly by our crew. Individual price due to terrain conditions and materials.

There is an option to build the platform on your own, based on our instructions, or by our professional team. Time of assembly depends on a terrain on which the yurt are going to be build.

Contact us for more details –

Payment and delivery conditions
After receiving a 60% of the price, the yurt production begins, about 8 weeks depending on the configuration. Production time can be extended due to actual orders. Estimated price of an assembly – 10% of a yurt value. Transportation price also is determined individually, depending on the scale of an order and distance.
Yurts for business or business in yurts
If you are willing to buy more than one yurt and build your own glamping or other business connected with yurts – text us:
We will create a special offer for you, and help get financing – available yurt leasing!